Kamachi amman Brass statue Wt: 0.87 kg; L: 3.0 in; W: 2.5 in; H: 4.5 in

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Goddess Kamatchi is depicted as a beautiful deity with four hands, holding a sugarcane bow, a lotus flower, a parrot, and a symbol of knowledge. She is often shown seated on a lotus throne, with her right foot resting on a lotus flower and her left foot folded inward. Her third eye is also depicted on her forehead, which symbolizes her spiritual insight and intuition.

Worship of Goddess Kamatchi is considered to be very auspicious and is believed to bring blessings of prosperity, health, and happiness. The Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, is one of the most famous temples dedicated to her worship.


Weight: 0.87 kg;

Length: 3.0 in;

Width: 2.5 in;

Height: 4.5 in