Brass Hanuman Ji Statue, Lord Hanuman Idol with Sanjeevani Booti, Rama Devotee, Hindu Monkey God of Devotion, Strength & Bhakti, Bajranbali Weight:0.43 kg; Length: 2.5 in; Width: 1.5 in; Height:4.5 in

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Lord Hanuman aided Lord Ram in his expedition against evil forces. Being an avatar of Lord Shiva, Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. In times of trouble, it is a common faith among Hindus to chant the name of Hanuman or sing his hymn ("Hanuman Chalisa").


Weight:0.43 kg

Length: 2.5 in

Width: 1.5 in 

Height:4.5 in