Brass Krishna Statue; Brass Murali Krishna; Standing Krishna Weight: 0.25 kg; Length: 2.0 in; Width: 1.5 in; Height: 4.0 in

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Shri Krishna was a Vasudev. Vasudev means he enjoys everything in this world, yet he is worthy of moksha. A Vasudev has extraordinary super human energies and accomplishments. They are so powerful that thousands of people can be moved to fear by mere look in their eyes.

Lord Krishna had sixteen thousand queens and yet he was a naishthik brahmachari. It means in him there was a constant inner intent of devotion towards celibacy (brahmacharya).

Everything that one sees and experiences through the five senses has no impact and is of no value as far as the karmic account of the next life is concerned. What is of significance is one’s inner intent; this has a direct impact in binding of new karma. The inner intent happens simultaneously during all overt and external activities.

God (i.e. the pure Soul) manifested in Lord Krishna and this is how from Nar (an ordinary human being), he became Narayan (God)!!!


Weight: 0.25 kg

Length: 2.0 in

Width: 1.5 in

Height: 4.0 in