Brass Standing Balaji Statue Hindu God Idol Home Decor Gift Wt: 0.36 kg; L: 4.5 in; W: 1.5 in; H:2.5 in

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Brass Statue Golden Brass Statue Hindu God Balaji Standing Ring Idol Temple Pooja Decoration Home Decor Gift.

These Brass statue made of Brass metal having Beutiful design. It is Statue of Hindu's God. Ideal For Gift Like Diwali festivals, Christmas, Thanksgiving gifts, Retrun Gift ect. In hidunism they workship of god for Good Luck, Health, Weath, Peace, Prayer Therapy for relaxation With Aggarbatti (incence stick Dhoop Diya, ETc.) follow the rutine. Benifits of Workship: - Prosperity, Good fortune, Wisdom etc. 


Weight: 0.36 kg

Length: 4.5 in

Width: 1.5 in

Height: 2.5 in