Lord Vishnu with Bhudevi and Sridevi Brass Idols for Home, Weight: Vishnu: 0.33 kg Bhudevi:.0.24 kg Sridevi:0.24 kg Length: Vishnu: 2.5 in Bhudevi: 1.5 in Sridevi: 1.5 in; width: Vishnu: 2.0 in; Bhudevi: 1.5 in; Sridevi: 1.5 in; Height: Vishnu: 5.5 in Bhu

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Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of all creation, with his two lady consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi by his side. Both of them are forms of Lakshmi. Bhudevi represents the material world or energy, and hence is called Mother Earth and Goddess of fertility, while Sridevi represents the spiritual world.

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Weight: Vishnu: 0.18 kg Bhudevi:.0.11 kg Sridevi:0.13 kg

Length: Vishnu: 2.0 in Bhudevi: 1.5 in Sridevi: 1.5 in

width: Vishnu: 1.5 in Bhudevi: 1.5 in Sridevi: 1.5 in 

Height: Vishnu: 4.5 in Bhudevi: 3.5 in Sridevi: 3.5 in

Lord Vishnu was pleased with Garuda since he was not tempted to taste the amruta (Immortal Nector) despite the fact that the vessel of Nectar was with him. He therefore granted him two boons. Garuda requested that he would like to be given the privilege of being granted a place literally ‘above’ Vishnu as His canopy and that he should remain immortal even without partaking of the Immortal Nector. Garuda in turn asked Vishnu also to ask for a boon! Vishnu stated that he become His vahana (vehicle). According to Hindu tradition, the vehicles of deities become the emblems of the respective gods too. It is thus that Garuda became the dhvaja (banner) of Vishnu.