KILLI Oregano Leaves Crushed 60g

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  • Killi Oregano Crushed Leaves Has Powerful Antioxidants That Fight Free Radicals In The Body. The High Fiber Content Helps The Digestion Process. It Also Supports Heart Health By Balancing The Cholesterol Levels
  • Authentic And Traditional Herbs - This Flavouring Herb Oregano Has Been Traditionally Used As A Seasoning. The Vitamins Present In This Helps Boost Metabolism And Makes The Body Feel Rejuvenated
  • Good Old Grandma'S Health Kit - Origanum Vulgare Is Commonly Known As Oregano In English; In Chinese;
  • Usfda Certified - Killi Herbs Are Certified By The United States Food And Drug Administration Fssai Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India Halal India. All The Herbs Are Grown By Our Farmers Naturally With No Added Chemical Fertilizers. They Are Cle
  • With Love From Killi - We Have Taken Utmost Care In Cultivating The Herbs And Drying It Without Losing Its Natural Color And Nutrients. No Added Preservatives Colors Sugars Or Additives. Killi Herbs Are Dried In-House Under A Controlled Atmosphere
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